About us

Just a regular degular female that has a passion for all things of beauty, creativity and art!

Just Love Beauty is a brand that offers premium quality beauty products at an affordable price. Nowadays, the beauty industry is full of companies that have over priced beauty products and they lack integrity. This is a platform for me to share my love for beauty whilst promoting the understanding of the real use of make-up.

Make-up is an art form that is used to enhance your natural features. Social media forces us to believe that people need to have perfect features (like hair, teeth and skin) to qualify as "beautiful". This is why I stand by the quote "Make-up is art but beauty is spirit". I want people to learn to love themselves first before they decide to purchase our products.

I am an individual that has struggled with self-confidence growing up. Throughout my time at secondary school and college, I always felt like I had to wear make-up to hide my imperfections. It wasn't until one day I was running late to college and I forgot to do my make-up (which I was gutted about when I realised) and someone approached me saying that I have nice skin. This was an eye-opener for me, that day when I went home and took a good look at myself in the mirror. I realised that I didn't need to wear the amount of make-up that I wore everyday. Day by day, I became more and more comfortable with my own skin.

Having said that, I said to myself on a day to day basis I will keep my face bare but when I go out to special occasions I wanted my face beat to the Gods. I began experimenting with different looks and different products to suit me. This way, make-up became more "fun" rather than an everyday chore. However, I found that finding the right products can be long so I thought “why not make my own brand?”

If I can inspire at least one individual with this brand then I would be beyond happy. I currently provide luxury mink lashes but I will not stop there! I will be providing a full range of make-up, skin-care products, hair and hopefully natural hair products. 

But I'm a person who's willing to learn and grow. I want to listen to my customers and be 100% real with you. So if at all you have any concerns, suggestions, comments or anything else please email me at: justlovebeauty@mail.co.uk. It will be you guys that shape this company. 

So may your eyeliner be even and your foundation be blended!

- Just Love Beauty x